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Open up your heart center with ceremonial cacao lead by Angelica Martin of Angels Lighthouse and then unleash your creativity as you are guided by owner of BB Designs and BE. life coaching, Angela Johnson, in painting a divinely and uniquely crafted 11×14 moon phase artwork that you take home with you.

Ancient tribes over thousands of years have believed cacao (100% chocolate) to be a sacred medicinal and healing plant. As cacao is known for its ability to open up the heart’s circulation, it is frequently paired with sacred practices such as yoga, meditation, and energy work (like Reiki!)

When enjoyed in a group setting, such as in cacao ceremony, cacao may bring about connection, healing, and inspiration.

$50.00 per person includes Cacao ceremony, painting materials and instruction.

Limited seating only 15 tickets available! See you there!


15 available
10/6 Cacao & Create Ceremony$50.00