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Are you ready for our next crystal creations and coaching class?! This coming April, Serena will be teaching us a class with the beautiful White quartz! In addition, Angela Johnson Integrative Holistic Life Coach will be coaching us around clarity.

We will be creating beautiful white quartz mala beads with the traditional 108 beads, complete with tassel, and wood beads being an option.

White Quartz harmonizes all chakras in the body. It is the crystal symbolizing the Crown Chakra. The 7th Chakra, it is responsible for connecting us to divine intelligence and the universe in its entirety. Located at the top of the head, it emanates a strong white light Being the main source of energy released and given away in the physical aspects of ourselves, this crystal is responsible for the collective pool of consciousness.

Some other great benefits of Quartz:
*radiates peace and positivity
*encourages spiritual bonds
*memory enhancement
*extremely cerebral
*angelic correspondence
*brain function
*increases intuition
*psychic ability
*hormone balancer

$65.00 per person


15 available