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Creative Art Team Building

Looking for a great way to spark creativity, reduce stress, and promote stronger teams within your organization?

Let BB Designs develop a fun and collaborative art experience that is in-line with your organization’s strategic plans. We uniquely tailor our team building events to bring out the inner artists within your team and the goals for your company. Choose from our list of team-focused art experiences and bring your team building to the next level.

What are the Benefits?

Improve your organizational culture with one of these fantastic Art Team Building Activities:

We are all in this together. For this unique team building exercise, we custom design a mural composed of many canvases. Colleagues each paint their own 11×14 canvas with pre-drawn line art. The canvases come together to create a complete design of your choosing. At the end of the exercise, the instructor facilitates the mural’s assembly with a fun activity. Pricing includes all painting supplies, paint, paintbrushes, the pre-drawn canvases, custom design, artist’s labor for line art and instruction during the workshop.

Bring your A Game, to the paint game. Guests are divided into groups and collaborate with one of our artists to create a design reflective of the team building’s theme or the company’s core values/ mission statement. Each team works together to sketch and paint the designs onto a mini mural. Groups then present their designs to the rest of the teams. After every team has shared, a winner is determined. This team building exercise ignites creativity, teamwork, and healthy competition.

Follow the leader…You and your colleagues follow along on your own canvas as a professional artist guides you step-by-step through the painting process. Your event’s organizer gets to choose the painting from our studio’s extensive portfolio. Additional artists, if needed, circulate to provide instructional support. You get to keep your completed canvases to take home with you.

What’s mine is yours, what’s yours is mine (not my lunch in the refrigerator though). Each artist begins at his or her paint station with a blank canvas and begins painting following the instructor’s lead. Every 15 minutes, artists rotate and switch stations sitting at another’s canvas where they pick up where the previous artist left off and paint until the next rotation. Painters take home the painting that they are finishing on at the end. This event challenges all co-workers to pick up mid-project, assess current progress, analyze next steps, and evaluate how to move ahead towards a finished work of art.

Sandwiches down, paint brushes up! During lunch, give your employees the opportunity to break up their work schedules and spend some time relaxing in the cafeteria or even in a conference room. We have specially designed 1-hour classes that fit perfectly into a lunch hour. This program gives coworkers an opportunity to socialize, unleash their creative side, and reduce stress. When your coworkers and employees come back to work, they’ll feel refreshed and excited about the beautiful painting they created.

Teams that Sweat together, stay together. A two for one experience that includes a custom art party in addition to group fitness instruction led by a certified personal trainer. Eric DeCarlis, owner of Fierce Foundations, leads a group class focusing on multiple disciplines while working as a team. Strength, functional, cardiovascular, and kickboxing training, just to name a few. The program can be scaled to any fitness level. This can be paired with any of the art options listed above.

As professional artists, we embrace creativity. Have another idea? We can brainstorm with you to create the perfect artistic experience for you and your team.

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