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Creative Consulting Services

We all have creativity within us, but sometimes it’s exhausting when you’re tasked with being the creator. Sometimes you’re too close to the project being planned or you have plenty of other hats to wear within your organization. Certainly, you’re passionate about incorporating creativity into the task at hand, but to effectively execute, an outside perspective can make all the difference. That’s where Creative Consulting can save the day by bringing your project or event to a whole other level or even bring your organization closer.

This is our secret sauce. BB Designs offers creative consulting to assist with everything from creating an unforgettable experience at your event to bringing your team together through the arts with creative team building or even with designing a program to bring out the best in your community.

Feel overwhelmed? Or are you buzzing with ideas and not sure of where to start? Talk to the professional, get some help, and let’s make your creative experience totally awesome. Contact us and you’ll see how easy we are to work with and how passionate we are to assist.

Client Testimonial

We had requested the help of BB Designs for Observer-Dispatch’s Bicentennial Gala Exhibitions. Angela was very professional and super creative with all four exhibits. Each exhibit told a story of our company’s history in a beautiful way. She took care of every detail from the placement of the art pieces to the arrangements of the flowers on the cocktail tables. Her positive attitude is infectious and she eased my mind knowing that everything was just perfect when our guests arrived. I would definitely recommend her expertise and I hope to work with her again in the future.

Katie Giacovelli, Observer Dispatch