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Custom Painted Murals For your Home, Business or in The Community

When you want to get a mural for your home, business or make a statement in the community, bb designs brings the creativity and the girl power to get it done. We can help you get started by planning a mural pretty much wherever you want.

We start by talking to you and trying to capture the vibe and the message you feel the mural should have, then we sketch out a few ideas and when you find one you like. We create it for you.

Make a statement in your life with a custom painted mural

We’re professionals, that means we are clean, courteous and conscious of whats going on around the project site. If it’s supposed to be a surprise, we’re discreet, if it’s at your busy office, we try to stay out of the way and quiet. If it’s on your barn or at your home we make sure we don’t leave a mess or upset the neighbors.

At Simon Eisenbach Productions

At The House of the Good Shepherd