Argh Matey – 1 Painting – 1 Kid


Paint April’s ‘Argh Matey’ Art Delivered paintin’ and sail the seven seas.  This paintin’ is only available to Art Delivered deckhands!

This option provides everythin’ yer sprog needs to paint the’ exclusive ‘Argh Matey’ Art Delivery paintin’ for your very own April Art Adventure.

Ye will receive all of the supplies needed for this paintin’ along wit’ a custom link to an instructional video.

Pack Includes Supplies for 1 Kid

  • Brushes
  • Paint (separate paint for each painting)
  • 1 Canvas Board (8×10)
  • 1 Paint Palette
  • 1 Link to Digital Instruction (with all 4 videos)
  • Shipping

Cost is $35 + S&H

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